Mark Sanchez Saves the Day by Playing the Terrible Houston Texans

mark sanchez eagles

The Delaware Valley held their breath when quarterback Nick Foles left today’s game. Foles out, there was one less player for them to criticize on a nightly basis. They would have to go back to verbally abusing their families, something that could result in a custody battle if they resume too loudly and let their nosy neighbors hear.

Before the yelling could begin, second-string quarterback Mark Sanchez came into the game. On the first play behind center Sanchez delivered a long first down pass to Jeremy Maclin. Suddenly what appeared to be an upcoming loss turned into a win as the Eagles took the game 31-21.

Not all credit should however go to Sanchez. Todd Herremans and DeMeco Ryans also left the game early and their replacements, an inept Houston Texans team unable to capitalize on this, helped lead the Eagles to victory.

By the way the Texans were playing they definitely were rooting for the Eagles to win. JJ Watt had a good game for the Texans although his surrounding teammates failed to read their jerseys before the game. They appeared to believe they were members of the Eagles and willingly parted to allow LeSean McCoy, James Polk, and Darren Sproles to run right through them.

“It was an absolute team effort out there today,” said Sanchez. “The Texans had the home field advantage yet still came out hungry for a loss. I owe it to them. It’s a shame we can’t play the luckiest 4-5 team in the league every week.”

Speaking of next week, the Eagles will take on the Carolina Panthers on Monday Night Football. Rumored to have a possible clavicle injury with a touch of embarrassment because Sanchez played better than him, it remains unclear whether Foles will be ready to return. The hope is he will at least be available for Yahtzee with his wife during their boring Thursday Game Night.


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