Nick Foles Turning Over His Pillows More This Season Than Last


Last year it seemed quarterback Nick Foles was never turning anything over. Friends complained about how overcooked one side of their hamburgers were while the other remained bloody and salmonella soaked. When he caught on fire, Foles wasn’t even able to turn over on the ground to put it out.

This year things have changed. Foles appears to have found a new love-affair with the turnover, most notably turning over his pillows four times per night.

“I like a soft cool pillow,” said Foles. “I’m naturally waking up several times per night anyway. When I do, I turn over my pillow to get a fresh side. It helps me sleep better and we all know how important that is thanks to Coach Kelly.”

The pillow turning for Foles has included fumbling the pillows until they land on the other side and his wife intercepting the duties. Many are concerned about this high number of pillow turnover. If Foles is unable to get comfortable in his own bed at night, how will he handle a serious playoff game?

“I’ll turn things over then,” said Foles in regards to the concerned fans and his playoff prospects.

Assuring us that there’s nothing wrong with all of the pillow turning, Foles appears confident and a little weird-looking.


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