10 Hours Walking Around the NYC Wearing Jeans and Crewneck T-Shirts as a 76ers Players

10 hours

In what amounted to a very shocking and rather disturbing series of events, the Philadelphia 76ers spent today in New York City walking around for 10 hours in silence while wearing jeans and crewneck t-shirts. Normally when a professional basketball team does this a lot of people would come up for high-fives and autograph requests. Instead, the team was severely harassed by nearly everyone on the street.

The harassment included everything from quick one-liners to one man following the team for 5 minutes while reminding them how bad they are. Others refrained from even acknowledging the team. Still, there were some who believed they were a D-League organization.

“We did this as a social experiment,” said Coach Brett Brown. “We thought it was important for everyone who watches this video to know the kind of harassment a bad basketball team suffers on a daily basis. This isn’t right. Nobody no matter how bad at their job or how much of a weasel we all are to the fans for losing on purpose, we deserve to be respected!”

Point proven, there was one negative. Because the experiment required ten hours of walking, 2014 First Round Pick Joel Embiid damaged his foot further and will be out until 2017. This somehow fits perfectly into Sam Hinkie’s plan of making the playoffs by 2022.


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