Brett Brown Looking for More Roll Players to Join 76ers

Dinner Rolls

The 2014-2015 season for the 76ers will be another bad one. Thinking anything else is truly foolish. Although the team may not be ready to win, they are focused on securing up major roll players for the future. In a low-carb fad society, many are questioning whether having so many rolls around the team is a good idea.

Dinner rolls from Red Lobster, the biscuits from Popeyes, and KFC’s corn muffins are just a few of the pieces of bread joining the 76ers this season.

“This is exactly what we wanted,” said Coach Brett Brown. “Building toward the future begins with starting at the bottom. Look at any food pyramid and you will see bread at the base.”

A few other rolls, like the ones on your fat stomach, also spoke to the team about a possible roster spot. The team declined the option, far too disgusted to see you shirtless.

The team hopes these additional roll players will be a recipe for success. If these new players don’t stay hot for long, they will be sure to heat them up in the microwave.


2 thoughts on “Brett Brown Looking for More Roll Players to Join 76ers

  1. I don’t know any ‘roll players’, but I DO know a few role players… who are lazy and weird enough to fit the bill. They are amazing at standing in lines, dodging people coming at them, and arguing with bouncers and security guards at any given arena…

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