Brandon Graham Working to Prove He is Not the Feminist Pop Culture Magazine ‘Bust’

brandon graham bust

Since joining the Eagles, Brandon Graham has had very little success. People have called him a lot of mean things, the worst being Bust: a pop culture magazine targeted to feminists.

“Don’t they know I am a person and not a magazine?” asked Graham. “I know my play is flat and nobody really needs it–like a magazine; but I do think I serve a purpose.

Graham, the first Eagle currently on the roster with a last name of a cracker since John Saltine on the 1989-1991 teams, still has a lot to prove to ensure people will actually believe he is not a feminist magazine. The first step in proving he is not a magazine might be getting rid of the beer advertisement on his back and to stop spitting all of those magazine renewal cards whenever he goes upside down.


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