Eagles Add Tight End: Your Mom’s Butt

your moms vagina

The increased usage of tight ends in an NFL offense has made the Eagles come to the conclusion that they too needed a new tight end. In response they have signed Your Mom’s Butt.

Like the recent signing of wider receiver Your Mom’s Vagina, Your Mom’s Butt is something many people are excited see.

“We expect Your Mom’s Butt to get a lot of touches this season,” said Coach Chip Kelly. “Your Mom’s Butt is great on the outside and even better up the middle. What I really like about Your Mom’s Butt is how great it is at blocking and receiving.”

Your Mom’s Butt is a veteran who in recent years has sagged a bit in play. However due to an intense exercise regiment the last few months, Your Mom’s Butt looks stronger than ever.

“I can learn a lot from Your Mom’s Butt,” said tight end Zack Ertz. “It’s got the size a tight end needs without sacrificing power. I can’t wait to see someone try to hit Your Mom’s Butt!”


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