Flyers Unafraid of Catching Ebola in Dallas – Team Already Dead

flyers ebola

A big test for the Flyers begins tonight as they head out to take on the Stars in Dallas; a city known for Ebola, the Kennedy Assassination, the Dallas Cowboys, and other horrific things. While some overly cautious and paranoid people may be fearful of contracting Ebola, the Flyers remain optimistic. At 0-2-2 through the first four games of the season with very few good moments other than the clock ticking down to zero, the team is essentially already dead anyway.

After Dallas the Flyers will head over to another city with possible Ebola implications: Monrovia, Liberia. This will be the first game the Flyers play against the Monrovia Minutemen in their inaugural season.

The most controversial team in the NHL due to its location and lack of fan support mostly becauseĀ famine and no nationwide knowledge of hockey, the Minutemen have done one thing the Flyers haven’t done this season: win a game. Monrovia won their third game of the season when they played the Edmonton Oilers, 3-2. Following the loss the Oilers were quarantined by the United States Government to undergo tests to see what the organization is sick with because clearly they have to be. Several players have mysteriously disappeared, possibly murdered by the government or Carol from The Walking Dead to contain the spread of whatever has killed this team’s spirit.

The Flyers finish their road trip next week against the Pittsburgh Penguins.


5 thoughts on “Flyers Unafraid of Catching Ebola in Dallas – Team Already Dead

  1. Flyers win their first match of the season. Person handling the twitter account unsure what to do… has a mental breakdown.

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