Breaking News: 975 The Fanatic Host Mike Missanelli Makes Witty Pop-Culture Reference

pop culture

Today on the Mike Missanelli Show, the voice of Philadelphia radio Mike Missanelli made a witty pop-culture reference to a popular television series everyone is familiar with.

“It was fantastic!” exclaimed listener Neil Jenks. “I watch that show!”

Missanelli’s brief reference, which let us know he also watches the popular television show and knows how to speak about it, has once again solidified him as someone capable of relating to the common man and having a skill everyone does.

New listener Victoria Camilleri said upon hearing the reference, “Wow it’s like [Missanelli] is just one of my friends. He talks about the things me and my friends talk about. Who needs friends when I have Mikey Miss to listen to?”

Following the show, Missanelli also tweeted a witty pop-culture reference. He then deleted the tweet about John Ritter’s career being over, stating he had no idea that he died on the set of 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter. Missanelli has since apologized and blamed only seeing up through the episode right before Ritter died on the big screen outside XFinity Live.


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