Local Female Sports “Fan” Questions How Giants Will Play Cardinals AND Eagles Sunday


A local female (the ones with the vagina) has been bothering her boyfriend all weekend about how the Giants could possibly play the St. Louis Cardinals at 8PM in Missouri will taking on the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field at the same time in Philadelphia.

Unfamiliar with the existence of multiple sports, this die hard and passionate sports fan who is definitely not only pretending to pay attention so she has something in common with her boyfriend remains confused with the scheduling.

The boyfriend, a guy who realizes he can no longer relate to the woman he has spent the last 6 years with, has tried several times to explain that the San Francisco Giants are different from the New York Giants. A further of explanation about the difference between baseball and football occurred as well. Like a bullet and R. Budd Dwyer’s head, it seemed to go in one side out right out the other.

The woman in question will have to wait until kickoff tonight to find out how stupid she is. Odds are she will instead have more pointless questions that could have easily been Googled.


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