LeSean McCoy to Meet with Therapist about His Fear of the End Zone

mccoy touchdown

Who would have thought after 5 weeks LeSean McCoy would have zero touchdowns? As one of the best running backs in the league, possibly the best who doesn’t beat his children, it’s absolutely shocking to see a lone round number in his touchdown total.

We could blame the Chip Kelly Offense for this. We could also blame the absence of a strong offensive line. In reality the only thing we have to blame is McCoy’s new fear of the end zone.

“I used to love the end zone,” said McCoy. “I used to go into it all of the time. I turned 26 over the summer and I’m just thinking about it more. End zone? Does this mean my life is all about reaching an end? Does life have any meaning at all?”

A bit zen in his approach to the wording, McCoy’s lack of scoring has yet to affect the Eagles. However they cannot continue to win without their star running back actually putting points on the board. McCoy knows this which is why he will be meeting with a therapist to talk about his fear. He also apparently has way too much money and instead of working it out on his own will have a stranger to bitch to about his insecurities.

Similar to the yips in baseball or signing a contract to play any sport in Cleveland, McCoy is not the first nor will he be the last to have his head mess with his game. The Eagles are hopeful talking to an expert can get McCoy back to his best because as General Manager Howie Roseman put it, “his lack of touchdowns is really killing my fantasy football team this season.”



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