Free U2 Album with Each 76ers Ticket Purchased – Season Ticket Refund Purge

free u2

In hopes to trick someone, anyone, to show up to a game this season the 76ers have been giving out free copies of U2’s new album along with any ticket purchased. For season ticket holders, they will receive 41 copies of this album everyone is calling “unimportant” and “on par with a sweaty fat girl queefing into your ear.”

Immediately following the announcement there was a purge on season ticket holders asking for refunds.

“This has more to do with the quality of the new U2 album than how awful we all know the 76ers will be this season,” said former season ticket holder Matt Iannetta.

Owning 76ers season tickets for the 2014-2015 season surely not the worst decision in Iannetta’s life, he also happens to be the same man who invented the new Apple product the wireless wire which as the name suggests, is absolutely nothing.

As of today the 76ers are still accepting refunds for tickets already purchased. Many people are however still too embarrassed to admit how bad they are at financial decisions.


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