“I Ordered Myself Takeout” – LeSean McCoy on Disappearance in Sunday’s Game


At the end of the Eagles game against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, many of us were surprised to see Darren Sproles take over at running back in replace of LeSean McCoy. McCoy was spotted on the bench eating unclaimed Chinese food leaving many to wonder, who actually ordered the takeout?

“I ordered myself takeout,” said McCoy sure that the food belonged to him.

Contrary to what McCoy has stated, the original information was that Running Back Coach Deuce Staley was the one who ordered the takeout.

“[McCoy] does not like orange chicken,” said Staley. “Why would he order orange chicken if he doesn’t like it? I love me my orange chicken.”

The error can probably be blamed on poor communication over the phone when the original order was placed. McCoy has already apologized to Staley if in fact the takeout was his decision. The two are reportedly planning on getting a meal together sometime later this week. Waiters and waitresses in Philadelphia are hoping Staley offers to pay the tip.


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