Eagles Avoid Tragic Collapse Against Rams Thanks to Life Alert

life alert

Today the Eagles fell and they almost didn’t get up again.

What should have been an easy victory almost turned into a disaster as the St. Louis Rams made things interesting late in the game, coming within 6 of the Eagles.

“I credit the win to our special teams and the use of our Life Alert bracelets,” said Coach Chip Kelly at the post-game press conference. “I’ve seen too many teams and fragile lonely grandmothers insistent that they don’t need help fall and not get back up again because they didn’t have these amazing pieces of technology.”

As the Rams rallied late in the fourth quarter, the Eagles signaled Life Alert that they in need of help. Quick to respond, Life Alert sent a member of their Emergency Medical Team to play linebacker for the Eagles as the clock ticked down to zero.

The win puts the Eagles at 4-1 on the season and tied with the Dallas Cowboys for first place. Next Sunday night they will take on the division rival New York Giants. Already the Eagles’ defensive backs are practicing their touchdown celebrations while Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning is seeing how low he can hang his neck.


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