Flyers Accidentally Demote Top Defensive Prospect Morin Instead of the Team’s Morons

samuel morin

A simple mispronunciation due to talking with his mouth full, Ron Hextall accidentally ordered the Flyers to demote top defensive prospect Samuel Morin to Juniors instead of the morons they already had at the position.

“This is a really bad first week,” said Hextall who seems to already be frustrated with his return to Philadelphia. “I wanted to get rid of those idiot veterans who have who don’t understand they are supposed to stop the puck from getting to our goalie. Why did I leave LA?”

Trade rumors already lurking that the Flyers are shopping Luke Schenn and Nicholas Grossman, one of the main goals for the Flyers this season appears to be improving their blue line. They have already repainted the blue line at the Wachovia Center to a much shinier shade however many are pessimistic that this will have any impact on the actual game.

Morin, who played very well during the preseason, took the demotion as best as he could by silently sitting in his bedroom and crying. He remains confident that a spot for him on the roster will be available next season after the Flyers are forced to make a trade sometime this March for a veteran who will contribute nothing.


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