Cary Williams: The NFL’s Best Shut-Up Cornerback

cary williams shut up

Some football teams like shutdown cornerbacks capable of tipping passes, making interceptions, and striking so much fear in opposing quarterbacks that they don’t even bother throwing the ball near them.

The Eagles don’t think like most teams though. Instead of shutdown cornerbacks they employ shut-up cornerbacks. These are coverage guys so talented at needing to shut the hell up.

A recent survey conducted around the NFL revealed that the Eagles’ very own Cary Williams is considered the best shut-up cornerback in the league.

“He just talks so much bullshit,” said Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks. “When I say things they are relevant to the game of football and timed well. I’ll never be as in need to shut up as him.”

When asked to comment on the honor, Williams told reporters he was too tired and would get back to them in a few weeks.


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