Biggest Hurdle for Eagles on Sunday: Spelling Colin Kapernick’s Name


In phonetic terms, the San Francisco 49ers may have the most difficult name to spell at the quarterback position. Colin Kaepernick, a third year player although if you watched him in 2013 you might think this is only his second season actually playing, has a surname so strange you would swear it was the first step of a word you were supposed to unscramble.

Like his name, Kaepernick himself is a bit of a mystery as far as race is concerned. He’s sort of white, sort of black, and gets fined for using the “n-word.” As a 3-0 team, the biggest hurdle on Sunday for the Eagles might be learning how to properly spelling the Kaepernick.

Fans remain hopeful that the Eagles can successfully find a formula to spell the name correctly. After employing Kevin Kolb, pronounced closer to “Cobb” than the way it looks, funny names behind center are nothing unusual for this squad. Take Donovan McNabb for example. For whatever reason, the C, H, O, K, and E in his last name were all silent.

Defensive back Cary Williams has reportedly been assigned the task of learning how to spell Kaepernick. Coach Chip Kelly is hopefully that for once he won’t get exhausted at practice.


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