Helen Keller Used as Defensive Replacement for Cody Asche

hellen keller

Legendary mute Helen Keller is getting a lot more playing time with the Phillies after Manager Ryne Sandberg decided to start using her at third base as a late inning replacement for Cody Asche. Asche’s defense has not been what the team needs so they are turning to Keller for some support.

“Yes I know she’s deaf and blind,” said Sandberg when asked about the decision. “I’m also well aware that she’s dead. So what? Have you seen Asche field a groundball? Tell me which one you’d rather have.”

Asche has remained positive though as he will continue to get the majority of the starts.

“I know my role on this team and I know [Keller’s],” Asche said. “I just want what’s best for the team. If taking me out in the 8th inning to put a woman who can’t even see there helps us win then I’ll gladly accept it.”

So far in 1 game at third base Keller has committed one error when the ball was amazingly hit directly at her and caromed off her chin for an inside-the-park home run.


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