Lack of Offense for Phillies Explained – Worried about “Too Many Men on the Bases” Penalty

howard ryan

Once again the Phillies were caught with their pants down, a finger up their butt, and a picture of their mom in their left hand. The team admitted their lack of offense this season had to do with the worry they would receive a penalty for too many men on the bases. Of course, this is nothing more than the team mixing up baseball rules with hockey rules.

Manager Ryne Sandberg will hold a closed-door meeting with the team before today’s game to go over basic baseball rules like running home has nothing to do with making an out as quickly as you can in order to get home earlier than planned.

The team has assured the fans they are fully aware of baseball’s rules and regulations. They have also told the fans they plan to work harder at practicing their shootout skills and line changes.


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