Houston Astros Send Sports Talk Host Josh Innes to Philadelphia to Make Up for Hunter Pence Trade

Josh Innes and ben Nance

Hunter Pence’s time in Philadelphia didn’t last very long. The excitement died quick once fans realized what the right fielder really was. Feeling guilty for accepted top prospects Jonathan Singleton and Jarred Cosart for Pence, the Houston Astros decided to help out the city of Philadelphia by sending us CBS sports personality Josh Innes.

Innes will not be replacing Glenn Macnow on the mid-day show, Rob Ellis will. Innes will jump right into the 6-10pm slot that Ellis once called his, all alone to talk about Philadelphia sports.

“[Innes] is the perfect man for our station,” said 94 WIP Program Director Andy ‘The Doom’ Bloom. “He’s from Houston. So was Brad Lidge. This is the perfect match.”

Innes was said to be “excited to come to Philadelphia” and will no longer “have to justify talking about a city full of fat people and bad sports teams.” Combined, the Houston Astros and Houston Texans have won 5 games since 2009.

Anthony Gargano spoke on behalf of Innes saying, “He knows a lot about Philadelphia sports. He already has half of the team names memorized.”

As for Macnow, reports say he will begin traveling the country putting as much meat as he can into his mouth.


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